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In the market generally, the anticipation and excitement on EcoSport are quite remarkable. The Ford EcoSport compact utility car contains several updates; however, all these updates are merely cosmetic. The vehicle has substantive improvements to the chassis and drivetrain.

Design - Practical and Contemporary

In terms of design, Ford EscoSport easily dominates in the series categories of SUV compact accessible in the market. It stands out due to its striking presence on the road. The designers of EscoSport have done an excellent job of leveraging the strength of its platform in developing the SUV compact.

Ford EcoSport VIN Decoder

The trapezoidal high-mounted grille in the front is simply a standard Ford signature style. The smart thin headlamps give the EscoSport a unique front appearance. The back end handle is convenient for the tail lamp on the side of the driver. When you want to open the boot, there’s a tiny control button on the rear end handle. The back door has a left side hinge, which makes unloading and loading of goods to be an easy task.

Also, wraparound back glass and roof rails give the external design of the Ford EscoSport a practical, sophisticated, and contemporary look. The ability of EcoSport, which allows it to wade through five hundred and fifty millimeters of water, makes it convenient for drivers during storms. About fifty percent of the body structure of EcoSport contains high-quality steel, which makes the frame of the car solid yet lightweight.

The interior of the car has a space capacity that can hold five people. The back seat might be uncomfortable for three people. The steering wheel and dashboard are not different from the other SUV series members. In any case, they gel perfectly with the general arrangements of the EcoSport interior.

EcoSport has an elevated driving position that provides a clear view of the road. A little variation is the reasonably extensive A-pillar that may make it a bit hard for a few. The knobs and controls are appropriately designed and are placed adequately for easy use and access. Individuals on the back seat will get a clear view of the interior surroundings of the car because of its elevated position. The back 60:40 adjustable seat can be flipped forward and folded to create more space in the boot.

One significant omission in the EcoSport is the grab handles for travelers, which makes it bothersome for those onboard, particularly on sharp maneuvers and turns.


Ford Escosport has an EcoBoost engine, which is the most mechanically advanced compared to other Ford members with EcoBoost engine. In the global blueprint of Ford, EcoBoost innovation is an essential element.

 Safety Features

The EcoBoost will provide EcoSport with a voice-initiated in-vehicle connectivity framework supported by Microsoft. It additionally accommodates emergency assistance, which helps anyone in the car to call for Emergency Services directly in case of an accident. From the safety point of view, Ford EcoSport provides curtain airbags, also side and front airbags. The vehicle has driver-assist frameworks like hill launch assist. ESP (electronic stability program) is accessible in automatic transmission models, and it incorporates ABS (anti-lock brake system).

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As of July 2020, approximately 10,000 Ford EcoSport cars have been sold in the United States. This number is expected to grow in the coming months as the car becomes more widely available. The EcoSport is a popular choice for those looking for a small, efficient SUV that is easy on the wallet. With its stylish design and impressive fuel economy, the EcoSport is sure to continue gaining popularity in the US market.

What are some of the problems with the Ford Escape??

Some of the common problems that have been reported with the Ford Escape include fuel system issues, transmission problems, and engine malfunctions. These issues can lead to a variety of problems for owners, including decreased fuel economy, increased repair costs, and reduced performance. While Ford has issued recalls for some of these issues, many owners are still experiencing problems with their Escape. If you plan to buy a pre-used Ford Escape, it is important not only to decode the VIN number, but also to take it to a qualified mechanic for diagnosis before closing a deal.