What used cars was most popular in US last (2018) year

So, you’re in the market for a used car but wondering which one to pick?

mustangYou see, buying a pre-owned car model is an excellent way to get your hands on your dream wheels without sacrificing safety, comfort, and reliability.

Plus, you get it – the pre-owned car, which is – on a cheap.

Brand new cars as research show depreciate the moment they are driven off the sales lot. And often, they lose over 35% of their worth within the first three years.

So, going for a model that is at least three years old means the car would have lost most of its residual value hence ensuring you’re getting the best bargain.

Unfortunately, it is really an ass busting task trying to wade through the numerous used car listings; hence to make it easier for you, we have scoured the web; checked out consumer reports, recommendations, and U.S. News lists of best pre-owned cars in the US for 2018.

The best part is, regardless of your budget, you’re going to find a car that’s reliable, safe, and comfortable at your price point.

Acura RDX 2009-2010

Average Price: $16,068 - $19,385

The RDX is a midsized SUV that sits five passengers and in 2010 was ranked as the top crossover luxury compact SUV by U.S. News.

It is a perfect fit for reliability conscious owner as rated by J.D Power & Associates. The features include the standard ESC safety measures, leather seats, side and head airbags, satellite radio, and Bluetooth.

Lexus ES 2011-2012

Average price: $12,060

With a perfect rating from J.D Power & Associates for reliability, the spacious albeit luxury midsize car sure packs some punch.

Check out the road-worthy front seats covered in standard leather, a quiet cabin with an eight-speaker stereo.

Toyota Avalon 2014-2015

Average Price: $16,559 - $18,335

Maintaining the signature reliability, all Toyota nameplates have since come to be associated with; the 2011 model Avalon features a spacious cabin for passengers decked out in luxury and a hybrid powertrain.

A redesigned dashboard that gives it a futuristic, ergonomic design, a power sunroof, and the ever-present Bluetooth and USB compatibility.

Honda Accord 2011

Average Price: $11-500 - $15,673

Practical with no frills, The 2011 Honda Accord model is still a bargain and of course, reliable to get you from Point A to Point B.

It’s designed for improved fuel efficiency compared to the previous year’s model. And to underscore just how much upgrade it has undergone J.D. Power & Associates rates it 4.5 for reliability.

Toyota Highlander 2011-2012

Average Price: $20,000-$25,000

This family-focused three-row SUV provides a roomy interior that can comfortably accommodate eight passengers, strong grip traction for all weather.

Improved fuel economy, reliable, and handles well are some of the features that set this car apart.

Lexus GS 2013-2014

Average Price: $25,000-$30,000

The GS 2014 models is a sporty redesign from its previous year model that turned it into a true sports car.

A comfortable, roomy interior, taut handling yet a supple ride makes this car a joy.