TOP 7 Most Reliable Used Vehicles

Everybody has their own definition of a reliable vehicle. For some people, a vehicle that easily starts each morning and has little repairs each year is considered reliable. While for others, a high-performance towing or rapid-fire acceleration are the criteria for the most reliable used vehicles. According to the Consumer Reports (a non-profit organization), vehicles must triumph seventeen different tests to become the most reliable vehicles. Here in this article, we have identified the performance of vehicles since the past decade to share with you a complete list of the top 7 most reliable used vehicles.


Toyota 4Runner

The reliability report of Toyota 4Runner is the highest since past 13 years. Since 2010, this truck-based SUV has not gone through any redesign so the buyers of any year can be satisfied that they are getting the most durable bulletproof car in the USA.

Toyota Prius

Gone are the days when hybrid cars were regarded as the waste of investment due to their battery failing. With Toyota Prius, you don’t need to worry about battery failure as it has got top reliability scores for the last 12 years. Not even a slight flaw has been found in this passenger car.

Toyota Camry

This vehicle ruled the American automobile market since 1993. Toyota Camry is one of the best-selling vehicles due to its durable body and high performance. Between the years 2002 and 2017, it was rated among the list of most reliable used vehicles by Consumer Reports.

Lexus ES

Since 2008, this vehicle has never scored less than the top reliability rating. Neither the answer nor testers have found any flaws in the fuel system, electricals, transmission, and engine in these 11 years. If you are looking for a durable luxury car, then Lexus ES is the right choice for you.

Toyota RAV4

It is one of the most famous cars in America and there are several reasons behind its popularity. Since 2012, RAV4 owners and testers have not reported a big complaint. Toyota RAM4 has a perfect design as well as constant execution. It was redesigned in 2013 and 2016, but still, it has not left its top reliability rating.

Toyota Avalon

The durability of the Toyota Avalon has been fantastic. You can learn about its reliability from various platforms. Since 2010, this car has remained at the top of most reliable used vehicles.

Mazda 3

This is another reliable vehicle with a high-reliability score. Its brake system, engine, power equipment, finish, and transmission passed many tests throughout the whole decade. Mazda 3 will be a great buy for all those people who love to drive a durable secondhand car.