Chassis Number Meaning

What is chassis number meanining? A chassis number is an encoded identification number developed to recognize motor vehicles manufactured since 1989. This is a pre-defined sequence of alphanumerical characters assigned to the vehicle by its manufacturer. The best place to find the chassis number is the engine’s hood or the frame.

chassis number

This number might also be placed on the registration papers and company’s registration letter or on insurance papers or any other legal papers related to the vehicle. This is basically the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which is a unique alphanumeric number assigned to every vehicle at the time of production. This number consists of 17 characters. Every character has a unique coding and unique meaning with respect to its class and group.

Let’s elaborate this 17 character number. On the first spot there may be a number or an alphabet specifying the region of production. It contains A-H alphabets for Africa, J-R for Asia, S-Z for Europe, and 1-5 for North America, 6 and 7 for New Zealand and Australia, 8 and 9 for South America. At 2nd spot, a digit or alphabet explains the manufacturer of the vehicle. For example, 1 is used for Chevrolet, 4 for Buick, 6 for Cadillac, C for Chrysler, J for Jeep, T for Toyota, G for General Motors, H for Honda, etc. 3rd letter will explain the division of manufacturer.

Next division is a group from letter 4 to letter 8 elaborating information of vehicle description likewise brand of the car, size of the engine, type of vehicle etc. Next digit on the go comes on 9th spot. It elaborates the VIN originality. This number is used to check whether the VIN number is real or fake. Specific digits or alphabets are used on this spot and termed as security key of VIN number.

On 10th spot, it elaborates the vehicle manufacturing year or model. For example, starting from the year 1980 which is assigned A, 1981 is assigned B, 1982 is assigned C, and so on 2000 is assigned Y, 2001 is assigned 1 and 2010 is assigned again A and the series goes on. The alphabets I, O and Q are missed due to the misunderstanding with 1 and 0. On 11th spot, an alphabet indicates which assembling plant assembled the vehicle.

Moving forward with the characters, next spot from 12 to 17, a unique code is maintained by manufacturer which is serial number of the vehicle, assigned by manufacturer and is a unique number for every vehicle manufactured. This number elaborates the engine family on 12th spot, 13th spot elaborates the cylinder count in engine, and 14th spot elaborates the engine variant, 15th spot elaborates the fuel type used for vehicles, 16th and 17th spot are combined and elaborates the displacement of the engine. For example 32 for 3.2 liter engine, etc.

Chassis number might be found on the papers of registration, interior of the dashboard, on driver’s door or on the front of the engine block and in vehicle’s trunk area. In fact, a Chassis number is the coding detail of the vehicle’s VIN as according to the record of the manufacturer.