Tips for buying a car at auction

Tips for buying a car at auctionMore and More people attend car auctions to find cheap and reliable rides. Unfortunately, there are a lot of chances to invest your money in the wrong car. Avoid frauds with our auto-auction tips.

Make sure you know how to fix a car or you know someone who can

Public auctions have turned into hot spots, but that also means that the cars have become shadier. At public auto-auctions, you can't drive a vehicle before you bid on it. You can find a lot of bad cars with high mileages that would never sell at wholesale dealer auctions. This is why it is so important that you know cars well or you know someone who does.

Being honest with yourself

When attending an auction, you should know exactly what you are looking for and what you can afford. Ask your self - are you prepared to deal with mechanical challenges that may come up? If you are looking for a cheap car, be smart and don't let it become expensive repairs that you can't afford.

Be patient and observe

Especially, if it is your first time at an auto-auction you should focus on observing the landscape, meeting key players, listening to their experiences and advice and getting a feeling for the style of the auction. Don't make the mistake to bid on the first car you are seeing just because of your eagerness.

Set a limit and stick to it

Before you attend an auction you should think about how much you want to spend and how much you can afford. Set yourself a limit and stick to it. You don't want to get caught up in the bidding excitement and end up spending more based on an emotional decision that you will regret afterward.

Find out about the vehicle's history

It can help to know the history of the car you plan to bid on. You can get information here at, or the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. Make sure to find out if the vehicle has been in an accident, about its maintenance history or any open recalls.

Ask questions

Of course, the seller will try to get the best price he can get, but that shouldn't be your only conversation. Ask the seller about the vehicle and try to get as much information as possible. If you can, you should also ask mechanics or other knowledgeable people about the vehicle in advance, so you have some points to argue about with the seller.

Know when you should walk away

It happens very easy to get caught up in the bidding and end up spending way more than the car is worth. Part of getting a good deal is being ready to walk away if you have to. You always have to be in control and if you feel like it's not for you, just walk away!